Motorcycle Licence - Learn To Ride


What You need before we start?

- You need to know how to ride a bicycle.
- You need to have a valid learners licence for the type of licence you want.
- You need your riding gear.
- You need to register with Namriders.

Why you need to know how to ride a bicycle

A motorcycle is basically a bicycle with an engine and some other accessories...
You should have a decent sense of balance and be comfortable doing any type of manoeuvres (start, turn, stop, avoid obstacles, u-turn...).

Your learner's licence

Training is on public open roads, that's why it is a requirement to have a learner's licence, valid for the type of licence you want.

Your riding equipment

You need to have your own Helmet, Riding Jacket, gloves and boots.
You can also find many second hand items on "nambike" facebook page. 

What bike do we use for training?

We use Hondas, 125cc (A1 licence) and 150cc (A Licence).

Register with NamRiders

Just call one of our instructors, we will help you...

What are the costs involved

- Beginners > Basic Training Package : What is included ?
Module 1 - Introduction - Theoretical & Practical - (3 hours training) 
Module 2 - Riding techniques - (3 hours training)
Module 3 - Licence Preparation - (3 hours training)
Motorcycle rental for Natis Test
Total Cost : N$ 2.500

Extra Hour Training: N$ 200
Bike Rental for Re-Test : N$ 500

- Licence Preparation (for those who ride already): What is included ?
Theoretical & Practical Update
Motorcycle rental for Natis Test
Total Cost : N$ 1.400

Extra Hour Training: N$ 250
Bike Rental for Re-Test: N$ 500

- Refreshing course (for those who come back to motorcycle after many years without riding)
Quote on request.

- Remote Training
Our main operation is in Windhoek, however, we will consider regional training if we have enough request.
For example > In Oshakati or Tsumeb or Swakopmund or Keetmanshoop etc > Get together a group of 6 to 8 learners...? 
We will come to you.
(Terms and conditions apply - Special quote on request).

REQUIREMENTS : Learners must have their learners licence, have their own riding equipment (helmet / gloves / boot / motorcycle jacket) and be very comfortable riding a bicycle.

We provide the motorcycle for training (Honda 125cc / 150cc)

Call us for a quote and Book your classes NOW > 081 872 7575 or 081 258 7239

Motorcycle Training School in Windhoek and all over Namibia

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CHANNEL 7 Building - Crn Of Hendrick Witboii and Ara Street - Dorado Valley 


Phone Dusty:    +264 081 872 7575

Phone Pineas: +264 81 258 7239



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